liverpoland non profit organisation

Let's make our LIVing better

We give our time and energy to make life better for the community through social, cultural and sports activities.

we are stronger

LiverPoland is an organization nestled in the city of Liverpool. Born from the collective spirit of the Polish community, LiverPoland works to promote culture, active and healthy lifestyles and support people regardless of their national, religious or cultural background.

About LiverPoland

LiverPoland’s main goal is to build a friendly, healthy, active community, based on the principles of equality, mutual respect and solidarity. LiverPoland is involved in various social, sport and cultural initiatives aimed at creating an open and friendly environment for all. We promote community integration by organizing and co-organizing cultural and historical tours, sport events, concerts, workshops and meetings with representatives of the world of culture. 

We cooperate with local partners, institutions and charities. Thanks to this, we are happy to effectively contribute to the creation of an open, multicultural environment where everyone can feel accepted and supported.

It all started in the Polish community in Liverpool with common activities, ideas and willingness to support emigrants who chose Liverpool as their home. Initially, we carried out the activities in our free time and with our own funds. After several years of working among the Polish, English, Ukrainian, Chinese and other communities living in the multicultural city of Liverpool, when more and more people took part in our events and came to us for support, we decided to create an organization that could operate more widely and more effectively.

So here we are.